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First ever Concert in Limassol at The Marina Helipad

2 августа 2021 |Источник: Tatiana Stupak
Теги: Кипр, Лимассол, Афиша, Концерт, Общество, Музыка, Культура, Мероприятия
First ever Concert in Limassol at The Marina Helipad

K.Y.F.A (Kentron Ypostirixis Foreon Aids) the Support Center For the HIV/AIDS Sufferers, including children, was founded in December 2000 by a small group of women and men who recognized the need for support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

K.Y.F.A is a non-profit organization on a volunteer basis, and is the only agency in Cyprus solely dedicated to providing support, education, information and social services to people affected by HIV/AIDS.  It is situated in Limassol, Cyprus in the Old General Hospital premises, which were donated by the Ministry of Health.

It is an officially recognized "Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)" serving not only the Limassol area, but also all the island.  K.Y.F.A co-ordinates a variety of resources to assist everyone affected by this epidemic, and we work aggressively to prevent and reduce the spread of HIV disease.

Every year we organize events to support families, and especially women with children which have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

This year we organize a concert with the talented Tatiana Stupak, a fantastic event in a magnificent place at the Limassol Marina Helipad.

The event will be under the auspices of the First Lady, Mrs Anastasiades (Honorable President of K.Y.F.A).

Limassol classical pianist Tatiana Stupak is arranging the music programme for an extraordinary late evening open-air concert on Wednesday 22nd September at an extraordinary venue. The Marina Helipad has wonderful panoramic views around the Marina area, and will provide the audience with a unique experience.  The audience will be driven up to the Helipad, where there will be seating provided for 400. A glass of Prosecco is included in the ticket price, and audience members can have their photo taken on the red carpet, as they enter, if they wish.

Tatiana Stupak has persuaded some very talented musicians from Cyprus, Italy, Russia and Serbia, to join her for this charity event. They are: mezzo-soprano Anastasia Maximova, saxophonist Ekaterina Parpouna, violinist Olivera Rialas, cellist Fabio Cavaggion, and the tenor singer Teodoro DeCastillo.

The music will be mostly popular classical, although some well-known modern music will be included, with some surprise arrangements by Fabio Cavaggion.

Time: Reception from 8 p.m.  The concert will start at 9 p.m., and will last about 1½ hours; there will be no interval.

The Musicians

Tatiana Stupak (piano)

Tatiana Stupak started learning the piano at age five, studying at the Special School of the Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory in St. Petersburg, and after that, for a further five years, continuing at the Conservatory itself.  She is the winner of many awards and music competitions, for piano and organ.

Stupak is very well known in Cyprus, having played piano at more than 80 events in the last few years, both as a solo pianist and accompanying other musicians.  Since 2018, she has played piano solos at The Big Choir Project concerts.

She arranges charity concerts for children and for the church, and brings famous musicians from Russia, for example from the Bolshoi Theatre.

She opened the Tatiana Stupak School of Music in 2018, where students can enter for examinations in the U.K., set by the Royal Schools of Music and by Trinity College. Students may also take part in public concerts, to gain experience in performing before audiences.

In 2018, Stupak won awards on being chosen in competition, as Russian Cultural Woman of the Year in Cyprus.

In the summer of 2019, having organised fund-raising concerts on several occasions for the Institute of Neurology and Genetics, she was invited to play piano solos at a concert at the Presidential Palace, where President Anastasiades presented her with an award on behalf of the Institute. She has won many other awards for her work in Cyprus.

She has been interviewed many times on Cyprus radio and TV channels. Early in 2020 she was interviewed on the subject of children and music, and the interview was shown on Smile TV; previously she appeared live on TV ONE’s charity show, DanSing for You, not as a pianist, but as a dancer. In June last year, she was interviewed by RIK1 TV, about her life in music and also about one of her sports, which is mountaineering. Also during 2020, over a period of a few weeks, she made live Internet broadcasts, giving illustrated talks about ten classical music composers.

She maintains two YouTube channels: one for herself, and another for her music school.

Anastasia Maximova  (mezzo-soprano)

Anastasia Maximova is an opera singer, and graduate of the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory.  She is well known as a song writer, including pop songs and as a film composer.  Maximova is also a founder and art director of the first Russian interactive opera theatre “Midnight Opera”, where the soloists involve the audience to take part in the opera performance.  She has performed in concerts all over Russia and in European countries: Italy, France, England, Greece, Estonia, Cyprus. She has often performed with her solo programme of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov arias and romances.  Apart from her amazing voice, she also has the strongest stage energy, which fascinates audiences everywhere.

Katerina Parpouna (saxophone)

Katerina first studied music in Limassol, and then from 2015-2019 at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium in Utrecht, Netherlands, where she obtained her Bachelor of Music degree, specialising in classical saxophone performance. Then she moved to the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Netherlands, where she took a Pre-Masters Course in Music and Classical Saxophone Performance in 2019-2020.

During her studies in the Netherlands, she taught saxophone to children and adults. She also performed in numerous concerts and recitals, and took part in many masterclasses. And in the same period, she competed in music competitions at the European Saxophone Forum, in Wroclaw, Poland, and in the Franz Cibulka Competition in Graz, Austria.

She continues to teach saxophone and play in concerts, since returning from the Netherlands to Cyprus.

Olivera Rialas (violin)

Olivera Rialas graduated from Belgrade University, and continued her studies at the “Franz Liszt Academy of Music” in Budapest.  She had a distinguished performing career, touring throughout Europe, China and in the USA, where she played several times at Carnegie Hall. She was a violin professor at the University of Nĭs College of Music. As well as performing, she has been teaching, in 2001 at the Long Island Conservatory, and was appointed as Chair of the String Department from 2002-2004. She taught at a master class in 2005 at the State University of New York College, in Old Westbury.  She is founder of the “Performing Arts Factory”, in Belgrade. Since moving to Cyprus, she has continued her performing and teaching career.

Fabio Cavaggion  (cello)

Fabio Cavaggion graduated from the Music Conservatory of 'F. Cilea' in Reggio Calabria, Italy, in 1991. He took his master’s degree, and joined the National Youth Orchestra of Santa Cecilia. He has had a distinguished career with orchestras in Italy, Malta and Portugal.  In July 2014, he worked with the famous actress Valentina Cortese in Theatre Argentina in Rome, playing in the presence of the Italian President George Napolitano. He co-operated with the French Ambassador, Catherine Colonna, in order to play Sebastian Bach at the French Embassy in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome, in remembrance of M. Rostropovich`s playing at the Berlin Wall as it was being knocked down, in 1989. Later in his career, he decided to quit playing in orchestras, in order to try something different, playing in open spaces.

Teodoro DeCastillo  (tenor)

Teodoro De Castillo was born in Palermo, Sicily. He moved to Cyprus in his teen years. His training and education include the Palermo Musical Modern Opera School, where he graduated in 2005 with a Percorso BA.  His influence is with contemporary opera, along with classical and musical theatre.  In 2009 he toured for two years with a tribute group of four, dedicated to the multi-national classical crossover vocal group ‘Il Divo’.  Since 2010, Teo has performed solo around Europe, in Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, the Greek Islands, Bulgaria and UK to name a few.  He has also worked with artists such as Anoki Von Arx and Tsvveta Christoforou while in Cyprus.  Teo grew up with a very early decision to follow his idols: Pavarotti, Bocelli, Groban and, like them, to sing around the world.



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